Advanced Electric Vehicles Graduate Certificate

The Advanced Electric Vehicle (AEV) certificate program prepares you with the latest technologies in automotive and defense ground vehicle industries.

Working collaboratively with our industry partners on the development of this program, you will learn the unique skills that industry needs to build the next generation of advanced electric vehicles.

The program consists of core courses plus two electives 

The courses were designed by "competency teams," whose explicit purpose is to create curriculum that is directly responsive to current needs, but also deploys the most current technology, strategies, methods and tools emerging from universities, corporations and national laboratories.

The certificate program can normally be completed in one calendar year.

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    Course descriptions

    The following course descriptions have been created through extensive dialogue between AEV leaders in industry and Detroit Mercy faculty members and administrators:

    • Introduction to Advanced Electric Vehicles: fundamentals of AEVs and key challenges and opportunities of AEV technologies. The course will explain the engineering philosophy of various AEVs (HEV, PHEV and BEV) and, the component selection and design, modeling, and control of AEVs. Some existing AEV models will be used as case studies.
    • Controls Modeling and Design for AEV: System and sub-systems, Modeling and design of AEVs as a system, principles of controls engineering for AEV. Significant use of software tools.
    • Energy Storage Systems: Energy storage systems used in electric vehicles, batteries. Battery electro-chemistry, battery design and construction, charging and discharging, power density, interaction of the batteries with other sub-systems.
    • Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles: Power electronics including switching, AC-DC, AC-AC conversion, electronic devices and circuits used for control and distribution of electric power.
    • Electric Drives/Electromechanical Energy Conversion: Variety of linear and rotary actuators, their characteristics, operating range and interactivity within power train system.
    • Innovation and System Architecture for AEVs: A variety of innovation techniques will be demonstrated and a methodical, proven approach to architecture will be studied. Theory and a variety of case studies – some related to Advanced Electric Vehicles (AEV) - will be used to illustrate successful, and not so successful, practices.
    • System Engineering for AEVs: Technologies which disrupt the way things have historically been done (such as a transition to Advanced Electric Vehicles (AEVs)) coupled with increasing use of digital tools in the design and validation processes warrant taking a very close look at the best tools and practices for executing the systems engineering process. Advanced Electric Vehicle (AEV) concepts will be used for careful decomposition and evaluation.

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Program Contact Information:

David Pistrui
Graduate Recruiter and Coordinator
College of Engineering and Science
University of Detroit Mercy,
4001 W. McNichols Rd., Detroit, MI, 48221
(313) 993-3378

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Darrell Kleinke
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