Computer Science

Female computer science student at computer with professor

Interested in Computer Science? As an undergraduate computer science major, you'll develop a robust understanding and knowledge of quality software programming, design, development, and implementation. You'll also have the flexibility to explore other interests such as: hardware, software, web development, gaming, bioinformatics, security, or robotics to name a few.

You'll be well-prepared for a variety of careers in academic, corporate, and government areas or for an advanced degree in Software Engineering.

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Why choose this program?

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    A Focus on Students

    The computer science program has a low student-to-faculty ratio and small classes. This ensures an amazing level of personal attention both inside and outside of the classroom. All courses are project-led, with an emphasis on developing independent creativity as well as critical thinking skills.


    Career Paths

    • Software applications developer
    • Computer systems analyst
    • Web developer
    • Database administrator
    • Computer & network security engineer
    • Business intelligence analyst
    • And much more!

    Experiential Learning

    • Focus on team-based projects and practical lab assignments
    • Work with faculty on their research projects
    • Gain hands-on experience with 2 mandatory co-ops while earning an income
    • Participate in student clubs: ACM and software engineering club