Robotics and Mechatronics

two Detroit Mercy working on robot for competition


Interested in designing intelligent systems that can change lives? Curious about how engineering disciplines can work together to create innovations that people only dream of? Robotics and Mechatronic Systems Engineering with a concentration in Electrical Engineering is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the fundamentals to design intelligent systems that rely on sensing, actuation and computation to achieve product quality and performance.

Crossing traditional engineering disciplines

This interdisciplinary program focuses on the design and creation of technological systems that cross traditional engineering disciplines. You'll develop into an innovative professional in this multidisciplinary world and be well-positioned for a variety of industrial sectors including:

  • aerospace
  • automotive
  • manufacturing
  • communications
  • defense
  • electronics and healthcare

Most importantly, you’ll gain a competitive edge by working full-time for three summer semesters in a cooperative education (co-op) experience that can help you net up to $26 an hour! This hands-on, career-based cooperative education experience can lead to exciting careers in autonomous automobiles, airplanes, defense systems, assistive devices, and a wide variety of other systems including appliances and game/entertainment systems.

3 semesters of paid coop
$99,070 media pay for electrical engineers in 2018
100% job placement for program graduates

Imagine your career possibilities


3 students around robot device and computer

Robots are the most commonly recognized mechatronic systems. Companies and organizations throughout the world use robots in a variety of applications ranging from manufacturing and automation to healthcare applications such as performing sophisticated surgery.

Defense Applications

a military drone

Your future might include working for the defense industry in developing unmanned flying objects, remote operated rescue robots, or an application of sensors to help unmanned driving of military ground vehicles.

Mechatronic Systems

3 students at autonomous car project

Mechatronic systems are everywhere. Today’s automobile mechatronic system features include cruise control, antilock braking, sensors to detect objects during reversing and engine control to name a few. Automotive industry leaders agree that the next generation of automobiles will take advantage of interdisciplinary engineering. Today, cutting edge development rules the world of hybrid and electric-hybrid vehicles.

Assistive Technology

student showing client hand-gripping device he invented

Detroit Mercy remains a leader in assistive technology for disabled veterans and individuals. Students develop prosthetics and other devices that improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities and represents a thriving area for mechatronic and robotic applications. Learn more about how you could create a better world.

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3 paid coop experiences at Detroit Mercy College of Engineering

Student Projects

Developing products for clients, from freshman to senior year, helps Detroit Mercy's engineering students prepare for careers in innovative fields.

Other project examples include:

  • Quadcopters design and construction.
  • Robot system design: autonomous cars, mobile off-road robots.
  • Machine learning-based driver assistance.
  • Computer vision for automatic lane-keeping and cruise control.
  • Participation in the annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC).

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What do students say?

Regarding the assistive technology / wheelchair project:
Being able to see my design come to life made engineering more 'real.'

Molly Laird

With the small class sizes, there was never a question left unanswered in my four years here, which is unheard of at the collegiate level.

Michael Henry Elriachi
B.S., Electrical Engineering