Engineering and Computer Science

Three students, two male and one female, working on a drone.

Integrated Career Development to Make a Difference

Studying Engineering or Computer Science at Detroit Mercy develops your sense of purpose and helps identify your passion through our hands-on curriculum and paid co-op experiences that gets you connected with Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders, while enhancing your skills and talents.

At Detroit Mercy’s College of Engineering & Science, your academic experience transcends the classroom as you engage in exciting projects that help you develop the skills and mindset that make you stand out with employers. The result? You’ll be in an enviable position to make a lasting difference in your community and society with the work experience to launch your successful career in Engineering.

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Earn and Learn
100% of our Engineering and Computer Science students have multiple paid co-op work experiences and can earn up to $43,000 in their summer co-op rotations.


There are many scholarships available to Detroit Mercy students. View a partial listing of both internal and external scholarships generally available for engineering and science students by clicking the link below. For the latest information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Amazing Scholarships

Research and Real-World Projects

Our students and faculty don’t envision a better future – they build it!
At many universities, you don't conduct research until you're in graduate school, but at Detroit Mercy you begin as an undergraduate, as early as your freshman year. Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, you'll work with faculty experts who care about your success and understand that engineering is not just about books, but about doing. You could enhance someone’s life by solving a real-world problem while learning at the same time. During your senior year at Detroit Mercy, you'll work on a real-world project known as a capstone project.

"One of the most exciting aspects of Detroit Mercy is the dynamic environment. As soon as you step foot on campus, you hit the ground running, immersing yourself in a world of opportunities and challenges. This approach to education has been instrumental in preparing me for the real world demands of my chosen field." - Oriekaose Agholor '25

—Relicious Eboh

Professional Co-op

Our cooperative education program is the third oldest co-op in the country and integrates career development skills and experiences into your engineering education. You’ll apply engineering and career competencies with unique mentorships in professional settings to gain relevant cultural awareness within an industry while earning a competitive salary. Learn more about our co-op.

"Attending University of Detroit Mercy was pivotal in honing my skills and expanding my horizons for the computer science industry. Through co-op experiences, I seamlessly translated classroom knowledge into real-world success." - Grace Hanna '22

Jesuit and Mercy Foundation

Detroit Mercy’s Jesuit and Mercy education provides you the foundation you need in critical thinking, communication and ethical decision making. You’ll graduate with the ability to comprehend the human impact of work, which companies are hungry for in today’s graduates.

"The unwavering support from faculty and staff has been a key factor in my success. They are not just educators; they are mentors who are dedicated to the success of every student. This supportive network has created an environment where I feel encouraged and empowered to thrive academically and personally." - Arthur Warren '24



As a student, you can take advantage of opportunities and our corporate partnerships which prepare you for a successful career when you graduate. Or you may make friends and start networking with your peers now, by joining a student club.


"Rolls Royce scooped me up after graduation, and I owe it all to UDM. They skip the fluff, focus on hands-on learning and you graduate ready to tackle real engineering challenges. To me it's more than a school; it's where I became the engineer I am today." - Margaret Morgan '21