Center for Automotive Systems Engineering Education

The College of Engineering & Sciences educates industry-ready engineers to think and communicate across all engineering disciplines.

The new William L. Koyzra Center for Automotive Systems Engineering Education facilitates hands-on collaboration of engineering disciplines and with industry partners such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, DENSO North America Foundation and many others to equip the Center with cutting-edge technologies for research and design work.

Vehicle Project Room - CASEE

The 5,200-square-foot Center is designed to foster student teamwork on collaborative projects including competitive vehicle design, robotics and autonomous vehicle development. It will also allow undergraduate and graduate students to participate in faculty-mentored research projects

Highlights of the Center include:

  • 3 overhead cranes, ample electrical power, 2 garage doors and several heavy isolated and slotted plates for mounting equipment.
  • Engine room with an engine dynamometer
  • Control room for data acquisition and to enable automotive sub-system level instruction
  • Systems room, temperature controlled, to house larger size, floor-mounted sub-systems
  • Collaborative space with writeable vertical surfaces, computers, and flat-panel monitors for presentation and visualization.

This laboratory along with co-operative education will equip our students with the skills they need to be tomorrow’s leading engineers.

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Vehicle Breadboard

Student working space

Student collaborative space