Symposium Submission Requirements

Abstract Submissions

Online submission is available until November 2. We request that you submit an abstract of your poster presentation before Monday, November 2, 12 pm.

Example Abstract

The lead researcher will submit on or before Nov 2nd:

  • His/Her contact information
  • Title of research project
  • Author names (and affiliations)
  • Overview of research project (40 words or less)
  • Abstract (1250 words or less)
Prior to the Nov 5th deadline, you will need to submit:
  • 3-5 minute Video of research project - video can be a voice over PowerPoint, a talking head, or a demonstration of the research project, for example
  • Link to virtual meeting

Submission requirements: 

A few notes about submission:

  • Primary contributor’s name
  • Contact Information
  • Primary department of your research.
  • Abstract submissions can be by either the student or faculty member. The faculty member is typically listed as the last author.
  • Submissions with 5 or more authors must complete the submission, but in addition, please email your abstract including all authors and affiliations directly to Mary Tracy Bee in a Word formatted document. 
  • Abstract:  The body of the abstract is limited to 2500 characters (including spaces) or less. Do not indent the paragraph. The abstract should consist of text only. Do not include citations, tables or illustrations, or use undefined abbreviations.  Do not include references in the abstract.

Video Presentation

Prior to the Nov 5th deadline, you will need to submit one:
  • 3-5 minute Video of research project

Instructions for poster presentations

Any questions regarding your submission should be directed to Mary Tracy Bee at

Due to COVID-19, there will be no poster printing

This is a virtual event, you will not need to use the poster printing submission form

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