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We Strive to Serve People

You'll find that the research and projects from across the College show our dedication to making a difference. At Detroit Mercy, starting your freshman year, you work here will impact people and the world in which we live. 

Being located in Detroit offers a competitive advantage for our students. The city provides an opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and unique needs. You'll gain practical experience while making a difference right in our community.

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Senior Capstone Project

Through your senior capstone project, you might find yourself

  • Helping the world through energy conservation,
  • Designing water treatment options,
  • Installing solar panels and educating those around you,
  • Designing and building a health information kiosk.

Real Capstone Projects

Enabling Technologies

Developing products for clients helps Detroit Mercy's Engineering students prepare for careers in innovative fields and these types of projects fill a gap in needs. Since disability types and levels vary from person to person, there is usually a need for a unique solution for each project client.

Creating enabling technologies


Our students:

  • Design more efficient, safer vehicles using metal foam,
  • Discover new ways to make biodiesel,
  • Clean the environment with proteins binding to heavy metals,
  • Study the chemistry of aging,
  • Work on hydrogen fuel cells and
  • Determine what makes transit systems effective.

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