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Prepare for your career in medicine, dentistry or science

Interested in a career in medicine, dental or science? A Biology degree from Detroit Mercy uniquely positions you for medical and advanced degrees in the sciences. Our students find success and have achieved an exceptional rate of acceptance into some of the top graduate and professional schools in the U.S.

Research starts your first year

Unlike other universities, Detroit Mercy gives you an opportunity to participate in a hands-on, authentic research project during your first-year! Learn more about our SEA-PHAGES and Research in Chemistry Experience programs.

Or maybe you are interested in pursuing a biomedical research career? Detroit Mercy is proud to be part of ReBUILDetroit, the first program of its kind, which offers intensive training for students interested in pursuing academic, research or industry careers in biomedical, behavioral, clinical or social sciences. Scholars are provided extensive mentoring opportunities from faculty and peers.

Doing research is a whole different kind of class. In the research lab, you’re actually doing things the way you think they should be done and that is the biggest learning experience I’ll ever have at Detroit Mercy.

—Neena Baghaie

Undergraduate Programs: Find your degree

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    Bachelor of Science in Biology

    The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology degree provides personal instruction by scholars in their field, strong laboratory resources and experiences and broad coverage of the various areas of biology.

    Optional Concentrations

    We also offer optional concentrations in applied genetics and neuroscience.

    If you're interested in becoming a physician assistant, we offer a Biology / Pre-Physician Assistant program (see below). Additionally, Detroit Mercy offers an accelerated 5-year Physician Assistant program.

    Learn more:


    B.S. in Biology with a Clinical Internship in Histotechnology

    Histotechnicians study the anatomy cells and tissue of plants and animals, under light microscopes and electron microscopes. They detect tissue abnormalities and perform appropriate testing for tissue samples to ensure proper diagnoses.

    3+1 Format

    Students take three years of appropriate prerequisite courses at Detroit Mercy. During the fourth year, you complete your professional education in this affiliated clinical internship with Beaumont Health System.

    • In partnership with Beaumont Health System
    • Three years at Detroit Mercy + one-year clinical internship at Beaumont Health System
    • B.S. in Biology awarded after completion of clinical internship
    • Students apply for the internship in the winter of their sophomore year
    • See information about the Histotechnologist program at Beaumont Health System

    Detroit Mercy Contact:

    Carmen Gamlin
    Pre-Health Program Coordinator and Advisor


    Biology (B.S.): Pre-Physician Assistant

Accelerated (Bachelors/Masters) Programs

Advantages of an accelerated 5-year program:

  • Some courses during your senior year count towards both undergraduate and graduate requirements.
  • Ability to take some graduate courses at the undergraduate tuition rate.
  • Some of your undergraduate financial aid is extended through your year of graduate study.
  • If you meet admission criteria and maintain the required GPA, you may have your bachelor's and master's degrees within five years.

5-year Biology (B.S.) / Physician Assistant (M.S.)

PA student checking a patient's ear

Enter Detroit Mercy as a freshman and five years later you graduate with both a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies.

5-Year PA Program

Biology (B.S.) / Environmental Engineering (MEnvE)

Biologist in a farm field

You'll be prepared to integrates the principles of physical, chemical, and biological processes with engineering concepts to design solutions to environmental issues.

Admission and Courses for B.S./MEnvE

7-year B.S. or B.A. / Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)

dental student working on patient

The 7-Year Dental degree enables highly qualified applicants to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in addition to the baccalaureate degree in seven calendar years, rather than in the traditional eight years.

More about 7-Year Dental

6-Year B.S. or B.A. / Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Student with pharmacist at a pharmacy

Spend the first three years at Detroit Mercy engaged in pre-pharmacy studies and your last three years at the School of Pharmacy at University of Saint Joseph.

Find 6-Year Pharm Details

31% job growth expected for physician assistant
1.9 million new jobs expected for premed health care
$75K plus median salary for microbiologist in 2019

All classes are taught by full-time professors

While studying Biology at Detroit Mercy, you'll be taught by full-time professors in small classes so there's plenty of opportunity to get help with your experiments.

Detroit Mercy holds its students to an extremely high standard. My career will be shaped by my time at Detroit Mercy, as I have become very detail oriented, organized and hard working ... I have grown academically, personally, socially and spiritually. 

—Claire Sheppard, Biology Major

Network with your future peers on day one

At Detroit Mercy, you can take part in a student clubs related to your area of study. You'll immediately discover we have a few organizations to choose from:

  • Biology Club
  • Pre-Dentistry Club
  • Pre-Medical Club
  • Pre-Physician's Assistant (Pre-PA) Club
  • Pre-Pharmacy Club

You'll be surrounded by others on the same career path!