Biology Clubs and Organizations

Biology Club

The Biology Club is a science-based student organization that is open to all biology and bio-chemistry majors attending the University of Detroit Mercy. Our mission is to bring all students together, utilizing our common majors to get involved in the community. The Biology Club advocates environmental awareness, supports overseas medical efforts, and supports medical research. In addition to a science-focus, the Biology Club also has a student focus. We strive to promote collaboration amongst students by hosting campus-wide events that combine scientific fun and knowledge.

Pre-Dental Student Association

Pre-Dental Student Association is an organization that advances the efforts of pre-dental students who display serious interest in their future as a dental professional. The association is committed to informing, educating, and providing services for its members and the surrounding community.

Pre-Med Club

Pre-Med Club is an organization intended to bring together students at the university who are interested in a career in medicine. 

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The Pre-Pharmacy Club of Detroit Mercy aids its members in the goal of being accepted into a professional pharmacy program. Join them for guest speakers from various disciplines within the pharmacy community, volunteer opportunities and creating a community to which you can belong.

Pre-Physician Assistants Club

Join the Pre-Physician Assistants ClubAs a Pre-PA student, you'll complete a rigorous curriculum in Biology, Biochemistry, or Chemistry that prepares you very well for graduate programs in Physician Assistant.