Choosing a pre-medical focus

Science Focus

Pre-Med – Biology: Biology traditionally provided the basic foundation for medicine, exposing students to the wide variety concepts inherit to the "study of life". With the advent of biotechnology, biology offers students the opportunity to focus technological breakthroughs in such areas as genetics, cell biology, and physiology into their medical pursuits.

Pre-Med – Biochemistry: Biochemistry focuses on the chemistry of molecules essential for life. This includes the molecules of the human body, the processes these molecules undergo to sustain life and the changes that occur in these molecules when a disease occurs. Physicians need a good foundation in biochemistry to understand the molecular basis of disease.

Pre-Med – Chemistry: The study of chemistry emphasizes analytical skills and critical thinking with regard to the molecular world. The study of the structure and reactions of molecules allows a future physician to understand the relationships between drugs used to treat disease and the human body.

Pre-Physician Assistant - Biology:  A physician assistant (PA) is a person who assists a physician in his or her practice of medicine.  The duties of physician assistants are as varied as the subspecialties they practice.