Pre-Med or Pre-Dent Faculty Advising

Are you interested in studying medicine or dentistry after graduation from college?

Like many universities, Detroit mercy pre-medicine or pre-dental is a programmed series of courses and not a college major.  At Detroit Mercy, you will need to choose a major and complete the course requirements within that major for admission to professional school.

We offer multiple pre-medical, pre-dental and pre-physician assistant tracks and all of these tracks include strong concentrations in the biology and chemistry which you'll need for admission and to be successful in professional school.

Your advisor helps you navigate the choices

As a student at Detroit Mercy, you'll work with a faculty advisor who is knowledgeable about the preparation needed to apply to professional schools.

  • Together, you'll choose appropriate courses for application to medical or dental school and assist you in choosing the outside volunteer work that will give you the experience of working in a health care setting.
  • Your faculty advisor reviews your academic progress with you periodically to make sure that your grade point average is consistent with your goals.
  • Your advisor provides you with information about taking the admissions test for professional school, filling out medical or dental school applications and obtaining the letters of recommendation that are essential to your application.
  • Finally, the faculty conduct practice interviews with you to help you over the jitters of your first medical or dental school interview.
  • If you decide that medical or dental school is not for you after all, the faculty assist you in revising your plans and getting started in a new direction.