Research in Civil Engineering

Community Service-Based Research

Dr. Alan Hoback community-based research focuses on homelessness, community planning, energy usage, architectural, transit and learnship curriculum.

Earthquake Research

The focus of our earthquake research is on design for seismic (earthquake) loadings for structures located around the world.  Many people around the world don’t have adequate material resources or knowledge about how to design safe buildings.

Atomic Absorption SpectrometerEnvironmental Research

Environmental research in this lab is in-situ bioremediation of hazardous wastes. This means that pollutants can be degraded in the ground by micro organisms.  Much of this research utilizes the Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (Flame AAS) which is used to identify and quantify even minute metal concentrations in different medium. This is specially important when mercury contamination occurs in drinking water.

Transit Research

Our transit research reviews the health and economic effects of public transportation and the possibility of various modes of transportation in Detroit from hovercraft, light rail, commuter rail, mass transit and the Detroit People Mover.