Classroom full of math students

The study of mathematics is more than just simple numbers, calculators and formulas. You need the close-knit relationship of our innovative faculty to help you use mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems. Mathematics is essential for solving problems in every area of engineering and science. Our graduates have become mathematicians, statisticians, software engineers, operations research analysts and actuaries in industry and government.

The infusion of Detroit Mercy’s Jesuit and Mercy values combined with small class sizes and professors who know you by your first name will ensure your lifetime of success. You’ll become the next great mathematician, statistician, software engineer, operations research analyst or actuary for your company. You will graduate with an education built on a strong liberal arts foundation in a strong liberal arts and the technical expertise that will help your future organizations succeed.

Looking for reason to study mathematics at Detroit Mercy?

  • Detroit Mercy’s successful cooperative education program, places students in the workforce working on real problems. You can earn up to $26 an hour.
  • You will develop strong analytical problem-solving skills and learn useful tools for analyzing data.
  • Graduates have gone on to dozens of highly-regarded graduate schools for pure mathematics, applied mathematics, bioinformatics, biostatistics and even medical school, among others.
  • Our faculty are committed to your success and have conducted research in statistics, data analysis and pure and applied mathematics. They’re anxious to get you involved!
  • You will receive a well-rounded education with required classes in programming, statistics, pure and applied mathematics.
  • You will play an active and important role in faculty research projects and work directly with professors to co-author research papers such as applied discrete mathematics, which is the mathematics behind computer science and computer science applications.
$102,880 is the median salary for actuary
 26 percent Projected growth of math occupations by 2028
$88,190 Median salary for mathematicians and statisticians

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    Undergraduate Programs

    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

    Admission to the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is currently on hold.

    The Department of Mathematics, offers programs that blend theory and practice in an innovative way, preparing students for career options in academic, corporate, health and government areas. Classes are deliberately structured to enable students who pursue a major in Mathematics to learn in concert with Engineering and Science majors. In this setting, the student’s appreciation of the inherent power and cohesiveness of mathematics is enhanced by the highlighted role that mathematics plays in all fields.



What do Alumni Say?

herzog headshot

Detroit Mercy plays a vital role in the success I have achieved in my career. The Mathematics and Software Engineering department took great care to personally guide and teach me to achieve success. It is because of the faculty and staff that I have received the opportunities that I have today and found enrichment and growth in myself and my career.

Brandon Herzog '12

The low student-faculty ratio allowed me to work closely with several faculty members along with other students which lead to relationships that lasted long after graduation, and provided a jump-start on creating a professional network and more career opportunities.

My Mathematics degree allowed me to explore several Master’s programs. I ultimately choose to use the unique analytical skills obtained at Detroit Mercy to pursue a Master’s of Science in Software Engineering. I am now a consultant for a software company helping organizations find solutions to their unique challenges using technology.

Jennifer Blaharski '08