Robert B. Hamilton


Robert HamiltonCurrent Position:

Chairman Emeritus


Gewalt Hamilton Associates

What influenced your decision to serve on the Board?

Primarily, my very positive experiences as an undergrad Civil Engineering student. I was very well prepared for my professional career, including a healthy dose of ethics and integrity, and I wanted future students to have those same opportunities.

Biographical Profile:

BSCE, 1972, Detroit Mercy MSCE, U of Illinois 1973 MBA, Lake Forest School of Management. Married, now 44 years, 4 children, 6 grandchildren USAR, Corps of Engineers, Cpt., 1972-1980 Co-founded Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Inc. in 1981, served as President, '81-'08, and Chairman, '09-'14. Retired 10/2014. Now consulting periodically and retiring enthusiastically. Was awarded ASCE Engineer of the Year for Illinois, 2013. Fellow, ASCE. Currently serve on B of A for Detroit Mercy ,C of E&S, and as a Corporate Recruiter for Cristo Rey, Waukegan, IL. Hold a Commercial Pilot's license and fly medical mercy mission flights for Angel Flight Central and the EAA Young Eagles Program.