Master of Science in Chemistry

The Master of Science in chemistry requires completion of an advanced course of study comprising both formal classes and independent study. Candidates may complete the requirements for the Master of Science degree on a part time or full time basis. In addition to completing course requirements, candidates must complete a written thesis based on independent research. Full time students are expected to write a thesis based upon research completed with one of the full time chemistry faculty. Part time students must complete a report describing current developments in a specific field of chemistry. This report is prepared in close collaboration with a faculty advisor.

Program Requirements for the Master of Science in Chemistry

Graduation requires completion of a total of 30 credit hours of coursework. The following courses are required:
  • CHM 5000 Seminar.*
  • CHM 5020 Chemical information and safety
  • CHM 6990 Thesis.**

*The seminar class is taken over two consecutive semesters, one credit hour per semester. In the first semester, students are required to attend and critique seminars presented during the semester and prepare a written literature review. In the second semester, in addition to seminar attendance, students make a 45 minute presentation on the literature review.

**Six hours of thesis credit are required for full time students. Part time students may request that the thesis requirement be waived and six credit hours of additional courses be taken instead.

A minimum of four courses (12 credit hours) must be from different divisions of chemistry, at the 500 level or above. These courses cannot be cross-listed with undergraduate courses in the course catalog. Examples of such courses include:

Organic Chemistry CHM 5210: Physical Organic Chemistry
CHM 5220: Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry CHM 5410: Advanced Physical Chemistry I
CHM 5420: Advanced Physical Chemistry II
Polymer Chemistry CHM 5340: Polymer Synthesis and Characterization
Biochemistry CHM 5640: Advanced Biochemistry
Analytical Chemistry CHM 5830: Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHM 6010: Special topics (all divisions)

Of the remaining credit hours, up to nine hours may be cross listed with undergraduate courses and up to six credit hours may be taken outside of the chemistry department.

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