Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

The Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry is designed to provide the student with the background in chemistry, biology and biochemistry needed to enter professional schools such as medicine or dentistry; to pursue graduate studies in chemistry or biochemistry or a number of interdisciplinary areas such as pharmacologyor bio-engineering; to teach chemistry at the secondary level; or to work as a biologically-oriented professional chemist.

Program Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Graduation requires completion of a total of 126 credit hours of coursework. In addition to the University Core Curriculum, the following classes in chemistry.  
Check the University Catalog for complete requirements.

First Year

  • CHM 1070 General Chemistry I
  • CHM 1100 Chemistry Lab I
  • CHM 1080 General Chemistry II
  • CHM 1120 Chemistry Lab II

Second Year

  • CHM 2250 Organic Chem Lab I
  • CHM 2270 Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM 2290 Organic Chemistry II
  • CHM 2300 Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab II

Third Year

  • CHM 3870 Quantitative Analysis
  • CHM 3880 Quant Anal Lab I
  • CHM 4710 Biochemistry I
  • CHM 4720 Biochemistry II
  • CHM 4730 Biochemistry Lab

Fourth Year

  • CHM 3410 Chemical Thermodynamics
  • CHM 3420 Chemical Dynamics and Quantum Mechanics
  • CHM 3330 Physical Chemistry Lab I
  • CHM 3340 Physical Chemistry Lab II
  • CHM 4740 Special Topics in Biochemistry
  • CHM 4990 Senior Assessment