Seven-Year Dental Program


UDM offers a special academic program which enables highly qualified applicants to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in addition to the baccalaureate degree in seven calendar years, rather than in the traditional eight years.

The selected students in the Seven-Year Dental Program spend most of the first three years at the McNichols Campus doing pre-dental studies in the College of Engineering and Science. The last four years are in the School of Dentistry.

Students may earn a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology or a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Chemistry. In addition to the basic science courses required of all dental school applicants, Seven-Year Program students must meet all of the requirements of their major and the University Core Curriculum. This includes course work in speech, English, mathematics, computers, religious studies, philosophy, history and culture, ethics, and social responsibility. They also participate in a two-week orientation to dentistry in the summer after the first year, take courses in histology and physiology in the summer after the second year and participate in the dental gross anatomy course as an audit during the third year. Students may choose to major in Biology or Chemistry for this program.


Only high school graduates of the months immediately preceding the beginning of undergraduate study at the University of Detroit Mercy are eligible for consideration as a Program participant. Transfer students or students who have already begun course work at UDM are ineligible.

Once admitted, a Program participant must be enrolled as a full-time student in each regular semester, including course work at the University during the first two summers of the program. All necessary undergraduate course work must be completed at the McNichols campus within the three calendar years immediately prior to the beginning of the formal dental school phase of the Program.

Students successfully completing all requirements of the Program will be granted the Bachelor of Science degree in biology and the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.  The bachelor degree is awarded in August of the 2nd year of Dental school, when students have completed courses at the Dental school that will be used in the completion of the bachelor's degree.

Requirements for Program Acceptance Consideration

Admissions Requirements

The Selection Committee will begin to consider for Program acceptance only an applicant who has met all of the following basic criteria:

  • Only current high school seniors are eligible
  • 3.5 GPA overall
  • 3.5 GPA in math and science classes – AP/Honors courses recommended
  • 28 ACT (minimum 26 in each sub-section) or SAT 1310 (590 ERW, 650 Math)[for SAT taken after March, 2016]  SAT 1250 for math & reading [SAT taken before March, 2016]
  • International students are required to submit an ACT or SAT score
  • Completion of a 7-year Dental application essay (topic provided by admissions after academic criteria is verified.)
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Preference will be given to students whose admission documents are received by the Office of Admissions on or before Novermber 1 (see Application Deadlines webpage).
  • All students must apply by January 1, with a complete application.

Application Procedures

Students who meet UDM admission requirements will be initially accepted into the traditional (4 year BS/BA) Pre-Dentistry Program.  Those who meet the criteria for the 7-Year Dental program (specified above) will be invited to take part in the application process for the accelerated 7-year program (3 year BS/BA + 4 year DDS). 

  • Complete applications are due by January 1, with preference given to students whose admission documents are received by the Office of Admissions on or before November 1.
  • Students meeting admission criteria as specified above will be invited to submit a 7-Year Dental Program Application essay (directions provided by admissions) and submit two letters of recommendation if not already on file.  (Students may use the recommendations submitted for admission. )
  • Students will be required to attend a 7yr-Dental Information Session by April 15. These sessions are available at the following events: Visit Day, Engage in STEaM, or Accepted Student’s Day. (See Admissions website for details.)
  • A minimum of 24 hours of shadowing experience with a general practitioner is required prior to Fall enrollment. Click here for Shadowing Verification Form.
  • Students accepted into the 7-year Dental Program must indicate their intent to enroll by April 15.  This will allow students on the waitlist to be offered an acceptance.

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For more information, please contact UDM Admissions at 313-993-1245 or Dean Snyder at or 313-993-3362.