Pre Med

Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental

The practice of medicine employs increasingly advanced technology for a wide variety of functions, including robotic surgery, advanced diagnostic and imaging systems, informatics for evidence based diagnosis and treatment, prosthetics and artificial organs, automated monitoring and drug dispensing, etc. No one person, and no one physician, can be an expert in all of these.

Pre-medical education should provide future doctors the opportunity to concentrate on the area(s) of science, technology and/or information systems that is most interesting to them and most valuable to the area of medicine that they plan to practice.

For many years, UDM has offered pre-medical tracks in the Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry.  UDM now offers pre-medical tracks in engineering, computer science and mathematics.  Of course, all of these tracks include strong concentrations in the biology and chemistry that are needed to gain admission to and be successful in medical school.

The strongest reasons to come to UDM for pre-medical and pre-dental preparation are:

  • The admission rates to medical schools for graduates of these programs are typically well above the national average.  UDM students have high admission rates to many schools.
  • It is essential to get written recommendations from your teachers.  The professors at large public schools don't have time to write recommendations and don't know their students.  At UDM, the faculty members get to know the students through coursework, extra-curricular activities, and through undergraduate research.
  • An important reason to pick UDM over a community college is that many medical schools won't accept any community college credit.