Department of Mathematics & Software Engineering

Teaching is our highest priority, and our commitment to teaching excellence has been recognized university-wide. Our students use professional software to gain experience with tools used in research and industry. Students prefer our department to study software engineering, mathematics, and mathematics education for the following reasons:

  • Small classes (10-15 students per faculty member)
  • Excellent full-time faculty ratio (90% are full-time)
  • Extensive computer labs (48 workstations and 2 servers)
  • Flexible class schedule (8AM-12:45PM, 1-4PM, or 5-9PM)

We are actively engaged with the local community. For example, we are committed to the Challenge Project, where 9th graders prepare for their first year in college. The department also provides opportunities for UAW, GM, Ford, and Chrysler employees to continue their academic career.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Jeffery J. Boats
Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Software Engineering and Computer Science
Engineering & Science
University of Detroit Mercy
Phone: (313) 993-1503
Fax:(313) 993-1187