Undergraduate Program


UDM engineering students gain a competitive edge--finishing their degrees in four years, while gaining valuable industrial experience. Working full time for three semesters in a cooperative education (co-op) experience is a requirement of the program.

Electrical and computer engineers find innovative ways to use electricity and computers to improve people's lives. For example, they can design power systems or automotive controls, develop medical testing equipment, work on the space shuttle, design communication satellites or develop new and faster computer technologies.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Degree

The Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.  This program allows students to specialize in one of two options:

Electronics, Control and Communication Systems pic2

Use state-of-art Electronic Design Automation (EAD) tools for analysis and design. This option is recommended for the student who wants a broad exposure to the sub-disciplines within Electrical Engineering.

Computer Engineering pic33

Specialize in the rapidly growing area by taking courses such as Computer Architecture, Hardware Description Languages (VHDL), Computer Networking and Embedded Systems. UDM's electrical and computer-engineering program integrates a design-oriented philosophy, allowing you not only to grasp the theoretical concepts but to apply those concepts. It is recognized that the "tools and toys" in electrical and computer engineering continually change, but that a sound background in the underlying theoretical concepts allows straightforward assimilations of new technologies, (i.e., concepts and theory prevents obsolescence).