Focal Area in Robotics Systems

Robotics WheelchairRobotics, the combination of sensing, computation and actuation in the real world, is experiencing rapid growth. This growth is driven by the decreased cost and increased availability of advanced sensors, high-performance computing devices, and actuators and by national needs for defense and security, elder care, automation of household tasks, customized manufacturing, and interactive entertainment. The robotics specialization at UDM is structured to integrate three elements of robotics:  Computation, Sensing, and Action.  These three elements thus define the courses and projects as students explore Perception, Cognition, Control and Dynamics as well as experiential areas related to environment interaction such as Learning, Power Systems and Mechatronics (embedded systems, sensors and actuators).

Both Doctoral and Masters students are members of the Advanced Mobility Lab (AML) graduate research team and they undertake research covering a broad variety of topics relevant to mobile robotics, Navigation, Mapping, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), and mobile/sensor wireless network systems.  Funding agencies include TARDEC, MDOT, USDOT, Denso, Chrysler and Ford.

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