Research Colloquium 2017-2018

The Research Colloquium Series began in the Fall 2010 by the Mathematics and Software Engineering department.

Lectures blend pioneering research ideas with engaging narrative, accessible to students and faculty outside the discipline. Some lectures are pure scientific entertainment. Everyone is welcome to join for an hour of interesting, intellectual fun.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 1:00 pm (Room E220)

Title: Graph Pansophy and Pansophical Classes of Graphs
Dr. Lazaros Kikas and Dr. Jeffe Boats

Topic: A double feature of mathematics research by our own Dr. Lazaros Kikas and Dr. Jeffe Boats. This is a preview of back-to-back presentations we'll be giving at the MIGHTY (MIdwestern GrapH TheorY) conference next week-end in Grand Rapids. It relates to a topic in graph theory which is accessible to undergraduates, and may be of research interest to any undergraduates with some programming experience.

Friday, September 15, 2017 at 3:30 pm (Room E220)

Title:  Prediction Models in Software Engineering
Dr. Cuauhtémoc López-Martín, a prominent software engineer from Mexico

Topic: Results based on an analysis of 50,000 projects developed in environments from the USA (60%), Europe (25 %) and the remaining 15 % representing the rest of the world, exhibited that only 39% of projects were successful; that is, they were delivered on time, on budget, and with required features and functions. Among the factors that influenced in the mentioned low percentage is attributed to a lack planning.

Planning involves software prediction (also termed software estimation). Variables commonly predicted are related to size, effort, and duration of projects*. In this talk, types of models applied to predict software projects will be mentioned, as well as issues to be taken into account for training and testing the models, and future work.