Support for Dual-enrollment

We would like to update you on what we are doing to further support your student who is dual enrolled at the University of Detroit Mercy and a part of the iDRAW Program.

  1. The CSSE 1110/ AP Computer Science Course Principles will continue through the end of the course. We have checked in with your student by telephone, email and Google classroom and will continue to teach and grade their work for their grade at the University. All required work is due on Tuesday, May 26, 2020.
  2. Students experiencing difficulty with the online platform should contact us immediately. We will work with students to be successful in the course. In extreme situations, we will allow some waivers which are clarified below.

    a. Students can elect to make the class pass/fail. This does not impact their college or high school GPA. However, they will still receive credit if they pass with a D- or higher. This credit is not typically transferrable.

    b. Students can withdraw completely from the course by May 8, 2020 and receive a W on their transcript.

As you know, Governor Whitmer has closed school buildings for the remainder of the school year. Although your child’s school will be closed, the governor’s order does not impact the academic calendar for University of Detroit Mercy. Your student’s college course is still in session. We encourage you to reach out to us if you or your student are experiencing any challenges.


Joy Mohammed, MA, SCL 
iDRAW Program Manager

Andrew Lapetina, Ph.D.
Instructor, iDRAW Program