Senior Capstone Design project provides local church water treatment options

Students presenting their  Senior Capstone Design project on water treatment options

As part of the civil engineering senior design project, students consulted with Gesu Catholic School and Church to identify, analyze and design ways to reduce water treatment costs and provide alternative solutions for redistributing rainwater runoff from entering a wastewater treatment plant.

The detailed analysis explored existing structures, soil composition, water retention systems and cost analysis of their proposal.

At Detroit Mercy, students learn engineering principles in the classroom and apply that knowledge, working with a local client, to solve real-world problems in the city.  See the proposed project Gesu Catholic School and Church written by Nicole Walton, Kareem Kanouh, Julia Babecki and Charlie Hancock.

Graduating engineering students are well-positioned for full-time employment or advanced degrees because of the mandatory three co-op placements and course work that considers economic, social, environmental, aesthetics and safety constraints of engineering design.

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