Undergraduate Research

Research Symposium

Detroit Mercy students are driven!

We envision a better world and create it! 

Our students:

  • Design more efficient, safer vehicles using metal foam,
  • Discover new ways to make biodiesel,
  • Clean the environment with proteins binding to heavy metals,
  • Study the chemistry of aging,
  • Work on hydrogen fuel cells, and
  • Determine what makes transit systems effective.

As an undergraduate, you'll have the opportunity to conduct research.  At many universities, it's not until you're in graduate school that you conduct research.

This allows you to:

  • Work one-on-one with faculty members and in small teams,
  • Build skills and resume experience,
  • Develop relationships with and be mentored by faculty members, and
  • Author scientific publications as an undergraduate.
  • Receive a competitive advantage for professional school admission or employment.

Learn more about the undergraduate research opportunities available to Detroit Mercy students:

Research Symposium