September 30, 2019

College of Engineering & Science continues tradition to welcome freshmen

2019 Engineering Freshmen with faculty and staff


The second annual awarding of construction hard hats to freshmen in the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering programs was held Wednesday, Sept. 11. 

Utpal Dutta, chair of the department, believes the ceremony helps establish culture within the college.

“It’s about ownership, we want them to feel they belong at the university,” he said. “We are excited they are here and we want them to feel the same way and share their experiences with their family and friends.”

Safety always comes first, he said, and the hard had is a tool they will use in the future. 

Students feasted on popular Indian dishes such as samosas and biryani while introducing themselves to faculty and upperclassmen. Distribution of the hard hats was conducted by senior Engineering students. Katy Snyder, dean of the College of Engineering & Science; Alan Hoback, professor of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering; department faculty and American Society of Civil Engineers chapter representatives attended the event.

The distribution of hard hats reaffirms the College’s commitment to engaging students in authentic research and work experience during their freshman year.