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Undergraduate research on display

October 16, 2017
Research Symposium

More than 80 students in engineering and science presented their research during the fifth annual Research Symposium in the Engineering HighBay on October 13.

The annual event provides a forum for undergraduate and graduate students to present their research to their peers, faculty, alumni and area high school students who have expressed an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Cash awards are presented in two categories to the top three posters judged to exhibit either engineering or scientific quality.  Participating high school students select a “People’s Choice” award by “investing” $5,000 in play money to what they believe is the most promising technology, project or research.

High schools which participated this year include, Birmingham Groves High School, Cass Technical High School, Cesar Chavez Academy High School, Marian High School, Melvindale High School, Regina High School and University of Detroit Jesuit High School.

Congratulations to the 2017 winners!

Engineering Quality Award

  1. Authors: Wentao Bi, Nayan Patel
    Title: Color Image Analysis On Off-road Object Identification
  2. Authors: Yuyi Li, Yang Zhou and Chaoyang Chen
    Title: A Lower Limb Exoskeleton Gait Developed with a Single Arduino
  3. Authors: Varkey Periyappurath and Juliana Vilela
    Title:  Obstacle and Lane Line Detection Using Images (Off-Road)

Scientific Quality Award

  1. Authors: Arren E. Simpson and Judith A. Ingles
    Title: Preconditioning Facilitates Molecular Tocolytics Leading to Term Pregnancy
  2. Authors: Marco Ciavaglia, Ibrahim Al-Jerdi and Adam Elturk
    Title:  Variations in the Anatomical Position of the Mandibular Foramen
  3. Authors: Martha Flores, Crystal Kallabat, Alana Garmo, Reem Bazzi and Dr. Mary T. Bee
    Title: Variation of the Common Carotid Artery Diameter Related to Age

 People’s Choice Award

            Melvindale High School Robotics Team

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