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Faculty present at American Control Conference

June 15, 2017
Dr. Miriam Faied and Dr. Rick Hill

Dr. Miriam Faied, instructor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Dr. Rick Hill, associate professor in Mechanical Engineering and Associate Dean of Research in the College of Engineering & Science, presented their research findings at the 60th American Control Conference (ACC) in Seattle, WA last month.

The annual conference is internationally recognized as a premier scientific and engineering conference dedicated to the advancement of control theory and practice. The ACC brings together an international community of researchers and practitioners to discuss the latest findings in automatic control.

Hill along with Stephane Lafortune, professor at University of Michigan in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science presented Scaling the Formal Synthesis of Supervisory Control Software for Multiple-Robot Systems.  Faied presented Multi-Object Path Planning for Optimal Classifier.

Nearly 1,000 papers were presented across 19 parallel sessions during the large international conference.

Hill, who is a member of ASME and an associate editor on the Conference Editorial Board of IEEE’s Control System Society, looks forward to this annual conference.

“This is one of the bigger conferences in our field so it is a good place to disseminate your work and to see what other people in the field are working on,” said Hill. “Personally, being active in research helps me to be aware of trends in the field that I can then incorporate into my courses. The act of doing research also helps me build intuition and understanding for the topics I teach. Even today I continue to learn things that help me to explain concepts in my undergraduate courses better.”

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