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Pre-Medical/Pre-Dentistry Programs

Pre-med students

Your pre-medical education at Detroit Mercy concentrates in the areas of science, technology and information systems which can lead to exciting careers in human or veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy or optometry.

Interested in the biomedical sciences?  We can customize your degree at Detroit Mercy so you're well-positioned to obtain a graduate degree in a biomedical field.  Our academic advisors are there to help you along the path.

The practice of medicine employs advanced technology for a wide variety of functions, including robotic surgery, advanced diagnostic imaging systems and prosthetics and artificial organs.

At many universities pre-medicine or pre-dental is a programmed series of courses and not a college major.  At Detroit Mercy, you will also need to choose a major and complete the course requirements within that major for admission to professional school.

We offer multiple pre-medical/physician assistant tracks:

Of course, all of these tracks include strong concentrations in the biology and chemistry which you'll need for admission and to be successful in professional school.

Why should you consider Detroit Mercy's pre-medical and pre-dental programs?  Consider this: 

  • Our students have high admission rates to many medical schools, typically well above the national average.
  • Written recommendations are essential for medical school admissions.  Our small class sizes mean your professors know you by name.  You'll work side-by-side with your professors through coursework, extra-curricular activities, and through undergraduate research.
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