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Research Symposium Winners 2017

People’s Choice Award

            Melvindale High School Robotics Team

Engineering Quality Award

  1. Authors: Wentao Bi, Nayan Patel
    Title: Color Image Analysis On Off-road Object Identification
  2. Authors: Yuyi Li, Yang Zhou and Chaoyang Chen
    Title: A Lower Limb Exoskeleton Gait Developed with a Single Arduino
  3. Authors: Varkey Periyappurath and Juliana Vilela
    Title:  Obstacle and Lane Line Detection Using Images (Off-Road)

Scientific Quality Award

  1. Authors: Arren E. Simpson and Judith A. Ingles
    Title: Preconditioning Facilitates Molecular Tocolytics Leading to Term Pregnancy
  2. Authors: Marco Ciavaglia, Ibrahim Al-Jerdi and Adam Elturk
    Title:  Variations in the Anatomical Position of the Mandibular Foramen
  3. Authors: Martha Flores, Crystal Kallabat, Alana Garmo, Reem Bazzi and Dr. Mary T. Bee
    Title: Variation of the Common Carotid Artery Diameter Related to Age

View 2017 Research Symposium abstracts.

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