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2016 Research Symposium Winners

People's Choice Award ($700)

Title: Dreamfit V2: An Electronic Fitness Trainer for Use with Dumbbells
Authors: John Petrykowski, Christian Espinoza, Jessica Kuznicki, Jonathan Soriano, Nassif Rayess

Engineering 1st prize ($500)

Title: High-Bay-Man Robot
Authors:  Nayan Patel Theodore Chase, Ryan Welsh

Engineering 2nd prize ($300)

Title: Development of a Tailored Inflation Bladder for Use in an Automated, Personal Hand Rehabilitation Device
Authors: Colin Cashner, Nassif Rayess, Shuvra Das

Engineering 3rd prize ($200)

Title: The Characterization of Multiple Electrodes for Biomedical Applications
Authors: Christopher Harness, Zhiguo Zhao, Eric Kim, Yong Xu

Science 1st prize ($500)

Title: MET Expression in Glioblastoma
Authors: Tamia Waller, Ana deCarvalho, Margaret Martinez

Science 2nd prize ($300)

Title: Survivor Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Bateria that Avoid Killer Viruses
Authors: James Graves, Elizabeth Stahl, Monir Mardini, Cody Bruno, Nathan Yaldo, Steven Petrovski

Science 3rd prize ($200)

Title: An Exploration in the Graduate Admissions Process: Gender Bias in Faculty Letters of Reference
Authors: Jennifer Nava, Annmarie Cano

Research Quality 1st prize ($500)

Title:  Regulation Of Toxin Gene Expression By Tcdc From Clostridium Difficile
Authors: Anthony Croft, Adam Boyden, Andrew Feig

Research Quality 2nd prize ($300)

Title: Extraction and Quantification of RNA from Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) Olfactory Bulb and Olfactory Epithelium
Authors: Ana Barajas, Montasir Rahman, Steven Chang

Research Quality 3rd prize ($200)

Title: Distinct Residues of Plasminogen Activator Affect Plasminogen Cleavage and YOP Delivery in Yersinia Pestis
Authors: Christina Jones, Suleyman Felek, Joshua Thomson, Eric Krukonis

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