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2014 Research Symposium Winners

People's Choice Award ($700)

Title:  Development of a Robotic Visual Inspection System
Authors:  Joseph Giacchina, Drake Mushall, Kevin Smith

Engineering 1st prize ($500)

Title:  Modeling TCE Concentrations In Groundwater Using Matlab
Authors:  Yangyijun Gao

Engineering 2nd prize ($300)

Title:  Development Of An Autonomous Robotic Ultraviolet Sterilization System
Authors:  Matthew Ackley, Justin Collins, Chris VanOverbeke, Ryan Welsh

Engineering 3rd prize ($200)

Title:  Alternate Approach 1: Image Analysis For Lane And Obstacle Identification In Outdoor Environments
Authors:  Evan Berndt, Herta Llusho

Science 1st prize ($500)

Title:  Carbonic Anhydrase Localization In The Gastro-Intestine Tract Of The Madagascar Roach, Gromphaorhina Portentosa
Authors:  Jaramys Mosley, Tyler Peters, Brie Wilcox, Ashraf Zaitouna, Annie Zhang

Science 2nd prize ($300)

Title:  Morphology Of The Semipspinalis Capitis Muscle In The Neck
Authors:  Negar Mehrabi

Science 3rd prize ($200)

Title:  Design And Synthesis Of Biased Ligands For Glutamate Receptors
Author:  Linda Kalfayan, Daniella Kawamba

Research Quality 1st prize ($500)

Title:  The Effect Of Water Content And Degree Of Sulfonation On The Phase Separation Of Sulfonated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) (Speek) Ionomer Studied By Esr Nitroxide Spin Probing
Authors:  David Brush, Marek Daniluczuk

Research Quality 2nd prize ($300)

Title:  Bayesian Network Based Vehicle Collision Avoidance System
Authors:  Rawa Adla, Youssef Bazzi

Research Quality 3rd prize ($200)

Title:  Alternate Approach 3: Image Analysis For Lane And Obstacle Identification In Outdoor Environments
Author:  Jianfan Lin, Joseph Casillo

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