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2013 Research Symposium Winners

People's Choice Award ($700)

Title:  SOUP Spoon: The Story of a Startup
Authors:  Wesley Steen and Patrick Pawlowski

Engineering 1st prize ($500)

Title: Development Of An Aftermarket Infant Car Seat Latching Mechanism For Use By Persons With Diminished Strength
Authors:  Shixiao Fan, Wenda Zhang, Liang Li, Bokai Jin

Engineering 2nd prize ($300)

Title:  A Predictive And Intelligent Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Navigation System
Authors:  Mohamad Abdul-Hak, Malok Alamir Tamer

Engineering 3rd prize ($200)

Title:  Translation Wrench For A Bone Distraction System For Re-Growing Bone Tissue in The Alveolar Ridge Of The Oral Cavity
Authors:  Liz Arroyo, Harrison Ball

Science 1st prize ($500)

Title:  Morphology Of The Semisplinalis Capitis Muscle In The Neck
Authors:  Negar Mehrabi, Soham Trivedi, Emily Albrecht

Science 2nd prize ($300)

Title:  Phase Separation In Hydrated Sulfonated Poly (Ether Ether Ketone) (SPEEK): From Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Spin Trapping To Spin Probing
Authors:  David Michael Brush, Marek Danilczuk

Science 3rd prize ($200)

Title:  Studies Of Aluminum, Iron, And Zinc Complexes With Ab Initio And Density Functional Methods
Author:  Alexis C. Konja

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