Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Department offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The programs requires 30 hours beyond the Bachelor degree.

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Bachelor / Master's Program:

The Department offers an option for earning a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Civil & Environmental Engineering simultaneously. Students who are currently in the Bachelor of Engineering program may apply to be admitted. This requires a 3.25 GPA. The benefit of the combined program is that the undergraduate financial aid continues through the graduate studies. Additionally, students can get through the master's program more quickly because the Technical Electives taken as an undergraduate can be applied to graduate studies. See details (pdf) and form (pdf).

A full time student can usually finish the Master's degree within 8 months of the Bachelor's degree versus it may take other master's students more than a year to finish.

Options for Architectural Engineering Students:

The UDM Architectural Engineering Program is unique in how it prepares AE students for four master's programs.  Based on the students' interests they may choose graduate studies in any one of these areas.

  • Master of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Structural/Geotechnical Engineering Concentration
  • Master of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Construction Concentration
  • Master of Engineering Management
  • Master of Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Systems Concentration

Someone getting a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering at UDM can normally finish the Master's degree within 8 months--by the following December, or even in 4 months by August if you have AP credit or take an extra summer course.  This would provide a Bachelor and Masters degrees in a total of 5 calendar years.  This can be done in such a short time because many of the bachelor level courses can be counted as advanced credit for the Master's degrees.

The options for AE students are unique compared to other schools.  The schools offering the AE program have only one option, or if they have an option, it is only a couple courses in a focal area.

Doctor of Engineering degree

The D.E. requires 60+ hours beyond the bachelor coursework, including 36 hours of dissertation. For more information about the program, contact Alan Hoback, Chairperson of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering.  See more info.

Other Closely Related Degree Programs:

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