Hands-On Research as an Undergraduate

Envision a better world then create it through research at UDM.  Our students have worked on projects that have included designing more efficient, safer vehicles using metal foam, discovering new ways to make biodiesel, environmental cleanup with proteins binding to heavy metals, chemistry of aging, hydrogen fuel cells, and determining what makes transit systems effective. Students in every major have the opportunity to conduct research while undergraduates.  This undergraduate research allows you to:

  • Work one-on-one with faculty members and in small teams.
  • Build skills and resume experience.
  • Develop relationships with and be mentored by faculty members and other students.
  • Conduct research at UDM rather than waiting until graduate studies like at other universities.
  • Author scientific publications while an undergraduate.
  • Gain a marketable advantage when looking for professional school admission, employment or paid graduate school fellowships.

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