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Health Project

A team of Detroit Mercy mechanical & electrical engineering students created a Health Information Kiosk for the Detroit Science Center.   The multidisciplinary project team, comprising of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering students, designed and built a set of kiosks for an upcoming display on Health information at the Detroit Science Center.  Any visitor can come up to kiosk A and receive a wristband with a set of bar codes on it.  This identifies the visitor as one of the many characters on the screen at kiosk A.  When the visitor takes the wrist band to kiosk B a laser reader reads the barcode and displays information on the health condition of the individual identified by the wristband.   The health information could consist of the current state of health of the individual, possible health risks, recommended life style changes necessary for risk mitigation.  Majority of the work in this project had to do with Systems Engineering and involved designing the system using a variety of different components and making them work reliably for the user.  System Integration and the necessary software development were the main thrust of this project.

The Detroit Science Center is expected to use this prototype to build a set of similar kiosks for their exhibit on health and healthy lifestyle.    The students who worked on this project are:  Arya Sabeti, Farruk Sabeti, Christine White, Phuong Nguyen (grad student), Jim Kubrak, Evangelos Foutris, John Zwally, Clifton Bumhoffer, Matt Batkovich.   Their faculty advisor was Professor Tom Stoltz.

Working on project:

Working on Health Kiosk


Working on Health Kiosk

Barcode Identified:

Health Kiosk

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