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Students build online portfolio to showcase projects

Preparing students for a successful future begins in the first semester. 

In Dr. Kristie Plantenberg’s introduction engineering class, students learn the importance of developing an online portfolio to showcase their projects.

As part of the course assignments, students create online portfolios using

Christine Hillebrand, sophomore in mechanical engineering, is thankful for the opportunity to highlight her projects.

"Seelio allows me to tell my story," says Hillebrand.  "I am able to show projects created in CATIA [Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application], a 3D computer aided design (CAD) program."

Christine Hillebrand

Christine Hillebrand

Hillebrand is also interested in digital media studies.  Seelio allows her to demonstrate her design skills to potential employers.  This compliments the traditional paper resume.

"Seelio provides our students with an advantage when seeking co-ops or fulltime employment," says Dr. Nassif Rayess, assistant dean.  "These online portfolios allow employers to see what our students are capable of producing."

You can view Hillebrand’s portfolio at: or all of the College of Engineering & Science portfolios.

Release date: December 01, 2015

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