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Detroit Mercy Holds Sixth Annual Research Symposium

November 09, 2018

2018 Research Symposium

A students presents to crowd during Research Symposium

Nearly 100 poster abstracts were submitted in the sixth annual Research Symposium in the College of Engineering & Science  October 12, 2018.

Detroit Mercy's College of Engineering & Science hosts an annual symposium to highlight the research by undergraduate and graduate students. Each year, the College invites hundreds of local high school students and alumni to experience the academic research achievements of their students.

Download the 2018 Abstract Booklet

Cash awards are presented in two categories to the top three posters judged to exhibit either engineering or scientific quality.  Participating high school students select a “People’s Choice” award by “investing” $5,000 in play money to what they believe is the most promising technology, project or research.

Congratulations to the 2018 winners!

Engineering Quality Award

  1. Authors: Kayla Hughes, Wiley Dressell, Kaegan Kumnick, Zachary Rizzo, Nick Dimkovski
    Title: Robot Control Using a Haptic Interface
  2. Authors: Joshua Cormier, Michael Elriachi, Jaafer Saleh, Jiyang Guo
    Title:  Motion Control of a Mobile Robot Using Hand Signals
  3. Authors: Weinan Li
    Title: Finite element modeling of Ring-Shaped Steel Plate Shear Walls

Scientific Quality Award

  1. Authors: Brooke Allen, Anthony Huffman, Leonardo Romero-Barajas, Tiffany Cook, 
    Title: Investigating the role of binding partners of Yorkie at distinct stages of Drosophila melanogaster eye development 
  2. Authors: Marco Ciavaglia, Adam Elturk, Ibrahim Aljerdi, Negar Mehrabi
    Title: Morphology of the Semispinalis Capitis Muscle in the Neck 
  3. Authors: Victoria Krajcz, Selena Cholak, Faith Volpe, Eoin Barry
    Title: The Effects of Genetic and Environmental Insults on Epithelial Cells 

 People’s Choice Award

            Melvindale High School Robotics Team

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