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Mathematics course provides basis for research analysis

January 10, 2018

Mathematics courses at Detroit Mercy are more than abstract computations.  Students apply their classroom lessons while working on a research project in Dr. Kathy Zhong’s Probability and Statistics for engineering and science students.

As part of the course, student teams are required to collect data, form a hypothesis, analyze data and draw conclusions.  At the end of the semester, students present their research findings during a mini research symposium.

“Students collected data from reputable national data sites and form hypothesis,” said Zhong.  “Based on lessons from the class, they conducted data analysis and drew conclusions. This allows students to apply classroom examples to real world data.”

The students presented on the following topics:

  • Population density and public transportation
  • Cost efficiency of bus transportation in United States cities
  • The City of Chicago gun regulation analysis
  • Total average commuter miles traveled (commuter bus vs rail) in the United States
  • Safety on heavy rail
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