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State officials address civil engineering class

November 02, 2016

Students in Dr. Utpal Dutta’s Environmental Impact Analysis course heard from two state officials from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) about environmental impact assessments earlier this week.

Mike Sweat in the Petroleum and Mining Geology Unit highlighted the laws governing mining procedures in Michigan.

Mike Sweat

While the state’s statutes address environmental concerns with mining, some specifically require an environmental impact statement or assessment, says Sweat.

Jack Lanigan, a geologist in the MDEQ Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals, shared his career experiences and requirements of mining applications.

“It’s about prevention of waste.  You can’t leave it; leave it in the ground; can’t drill more than you can handle; and you must return it to the way it was,” said Lanigan.

Detroit Mercy faculty have relationships with many government and industry partners that can be leveraged to bring real world applications into the classroom.

Jack Lanigan

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