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Clean sheet of opportunities

August 03, 2016

Rose Ryntz ’83 PhD chemistry shares her thoughts on networking, design and leadership within the automotive industry in an article Ryntz knows the value of collaboration, in Plastics News, July 21.

Dr. Rose RyntzRyntz is currently the vice president for advanced global development at International Automotive Components Group and serves on the Dean’s Advisory Board of the College of Engineering & Science.

She offers this advice in developing a professional network. 

“It started, I think, in grad school when one of my thesis advisors said that it’s better to spend five minutes on the phone than five weeks in the lab trying to get a solution to a problem,” said Ryntz. “So through networking, the greatest advantage is saving the time when you can reach out to others and ask them about a particular issue that you have, if they have potential solutions.”

Ryntz sees the future of the automobile industry as a “clean sheet of opportunities” with the development of autonomous vehicles that challenges the assumptions of current vehicles.

Read the article:  article Ryntz knows the value of collaboration

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