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Biology professors integrate authentic research into undergraduate courses

July 14, 2016

Dr. Stokes Baker and Dr. James GravesBiology professors, attend the Genome Consortium for Active Teaching (GCAT) workshop in Los Angeles, California earlier this month.

GCAT-SEEKParticipants develop teaching modules to use Next-Gen sequencing datasets for a variety of different types of undergraduate courses.

Descriptions of the modules undergo a peer review by other participants.

“Dr. Graves and I are learning how to use metagenomics to survey microbial populations,” says Baker.  “This fall, I will be integrating this material into my Ecology Laboratory course.  Next spring, Dr. Graves plans to incorporate materials into his Microbiology Laboratory Course.”

The application process for the workshop is a competitive process.

UDM provides students many opportunities for engaging in authentic research in their undergraduate courses.

Learn more about the GCAT workshop.

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