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Publication focuses on environmental issues to challenge freshman students

November 04, 2015

Freshman Chemistry students solve model-based problems while learning about environmental and climate change in the Amazon.

At UDM, faculty often rely on real-world examples in the classroom.

Dr. Dawn Archey, Meghann Murray, Danielle Garshott (Biochemistry ‘11) and Dr. Mark Benvenuto published a chapter  "Using Models of Growth in the Amazon To Bring an Environmental Chemistry Topic into the General Chemistry Class.”

The publication provides four examples of how the Amazon has grown into the rain forest of today using general chemistry and mathematical concepts. 

Students appreciate the problems as it “extends our in-class learning with an applicable real world example”.

The publication appears in "Chemistry and the Environment: Pedagogical Models and Practices" published by the American Chemical Society.  The editorial team consists of UDM professors: Dr. Kate Lanigan, Dr. Liz Roberts-Kirchhoff, Dr. Kendra Evans, Dr. Mark Benvenuto, and Dr. Alexa Rihana.

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