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Enhancing the student experience

October 12, 2015

Students in the College of Engineering & Science are innovating, transforming and changing the way we live through research and development.

The showcase research event at the College is the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the high bay on October 16.

Undergraduate Research Symposium

More than 50 students will present their findings to classmates, professors and high school students.

“This event highlights our students’ research with faculty,” says Dr. Gary Kuleck, Dean of the College of Engineering & Science.  “The size and culture of our College encourages faculty members to engage undergraduate students with research projects.”

“Knowledge is generated when it’s shared,” says Dr. Nassif Rayess, Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering & Science.  “The Symposium plants ideas which leads to further research.”

The College, federal grants and private industry fund much of the research conducted.  Unfortunately, some student research projects go unfunded, undocumented and the idea is lost.

“This is changing.  We are creating a fund supported by crowdfunding that students can apply for funds,” says Rayess.  “This provides another important skill, entrepreneurialism.”

To contribute, please visit:

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