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Morning of Community Service

August 27, 2015

Engineering students engaged in community service throughout Detroit as part of the Prologues, Transitions and Viewpoints (PTV) today.

One group of engineering and science freshman worked with the Binder Street Block Club to weed the flower and vegetable gardens in Farwell Field Community Garden in the Eastside of Detroit.

Elois Moore, president of the block club, is very grateful for the helping hands.  “It was terrific to have so much help,” says Moore.  “The weeds come up faster than our volunteers can pick them.”

The vegetable garden is open to all in the neighborhood.  There are rows of corn, potatoes, onions, yams, squash, peppers, Brussel sprouts, Kale and the list goes on.  In addition, there are various herbs available.

“Our biggest problem is that since it is an open garden, people don’t know when or how to pick the vegetables,” says Moore.  “It’s a teaching moment.”

For one freshmen, Michael Tabaka, a mechanical engineer student, gardening comes easy and has experience.  Tabaka and his classmates quickly mastered the garden leaving it in excellent shape. 

See pictures from the morning event.

Gardening at Farwell Field Community Garden

Pictured from left to right: Austin Davis, Jonathan Soriano, Michael Tabaka, 
Benjamin de Luna,Janasia Johnson, Christian Espinosa, Jose Rodriguez, Carmella Goree

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