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Newest Titans arrive on campus

August 25, 2015

The UDM class of ‘19 descends on campus today.

Athletes from various Titan teams greet freshman and empty cars, vans and trucks making the move-in process quick and easy.

Carla Espinosa arrived with her son, Christian, who is studying mechanical engineering.  “He is excited to go to UDM,” says Espinosa.  “He had offers from other universities but I believe UDM is a perfect fit for him.

Christian Espinosa and mother and sister

Christian Espinosa (middle) surrounded by his mother and sister.

Christian is a graduate from De La Salle High School in Warren.  He is excited about the opportunities UDM offers.  In addition to his academics, “I want to try-out for the track team,” says Espinosa.  “An injury in high school prevented me from competing in the state finals.” 

The College of Engineering & Science freshmen gather for lunch and meet the faculty on Wednesday in the High Bay.

Move-in continues this week with upper classmen while freshmen complete the "Prologues, Transitions & Viewpoints" or PTV.

Move-in Day at UDM

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