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Agreement sees UDM instructors at Beijing University of Chemical Technology

August 04, 2015

Three UDM adjunct faculty members arrived in Beijing, China to teach classes at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) last month.

As part of an agreement announced earlier this year which will see Chinese students completing their engineering degrees at UDM, UDM faculty will teach a class for two or three weeks in Beijing.

Adjunct faculty teaching at Beijing University of Chemical Technology

The first contingent from UDM arrived in early July. 

Dr. Shuvra Das, Associate Dean of Engineering, accompanied the instructors to ensure a smooth transition into the Chinese education system.  “This is the first group of instructors who have participated in this program,” says Das.  “Given the complexity of the agreement between UDM, BUCT and the Chinese government, we wanted to be sure to address any issues which may arise.”

UDM instructors provide BUCT curriculum classes in English and expose Chinese students to Western culture and classroom experience.   “This provides a unique experience for Chinese students to learn in an English environment,” says Das.  “This will prepare them for arriving at UDM.”

Approximately 70 students, who have enrolled in the BUCT program are expected to complete their degree at UDM in Fall 2018.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology is ranked in the top 30 Chinese engineering schools.

For more information about the agreement, please see:

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