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High school teachers back in school for CAD

July 23, 2015

Eight high school teachers from the Detroit metropolitan area are learning how to teach the Computer Aided Design (CAD) program, SolidWorks, to their students this week.

“This is the first year we offered this free program for teachers,” says Dr. Kirstie Plantenberg in Mechanical Engineering.  “When the teachers complete the week long class, they will be certified to teach SolidWorks to their students.”

For high school students taking the class, they will earn college credit.

Rima Seblini, a teacher from Wise Academy in Dearborn Heights says, “This will help us expand the technology we offer at our new school.  We find students are technology fluent but lack problem solving skills.  This course will help with that.”

When asked about the class, Seblini says, “It is wonderful.  A great experience.” 

In addition to Wise Academy, teachers from Rochester High School, Roosevelt High School, Academy for Business & Technology High School, Oak Park, Henry Ford II High School and Grosse Point South High School are participating in this week’s course.

Rima Seblini

Rima Seblini teacher at Wise Academy

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