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Monterrey Tech (Mexico) contingent visits UDM

July 14, 2015

Dean Gary Kuleck welcomed a contingent from Monterrey Tech, Saltillo, in Monterrey, Mexico to the College of Engineering & Science on July 7.

The purpose of the visit was to explore opening relations with a long-standing partner, Monterey Tech, at the Saltillo campus.

Saltillo is a city with a burgeoning automotive industry as is often referred to as the Detroit of Mexico with 37% of cars and 62% of trucks produced in Mexico assembled here.

“This partnership is a natural fit for the College since programs like the Magna Mexican Scholars Program with UDM and Monterrey Technological University are already in place with other Monterrey Tech campuses,” said Kuleck.

This program brings together talented, local Mexican students at Monterrey Tech who are supported financially by a hiring company (e.g. Magna Powertrain) with facilities in both Mexico and Detroit to get an Engineering Master’s degree at UDM. 

After graduation, students agree to return to Mexico to work for that company with potential advancement to leadership positions in the company.

While the Saltillo relationship will evolve to accommodate these deep relationships first steps are likely to involve Mexican undergraduate students taking courses at UDM in Engineering as guest students for a semester and returning to Saltillo to complete their degrees. 

Kuleck says, “We are excited about the potential for these relationships to flourish to the ultimate benefit of students at both institutions.”

Monterrey Technological University is Mexico’s premier technical program.

Visiting contingent from Monterrey Tech meet with Dean Kuleck

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