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Do you enjoy the challenge of solving problems? 

At Detroit Mercy, it's more than just numbers, and more than using calculators and memorizing formulas.  Our innovative Mathematics faculty apply mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems in small classes.  You'll get the help you need to succeed and your professors will know you by name, not a number.

Mathematics is essential for solving problems in every area of engineering and science.

Explore Undergraduate Programs.

Our applied and pure math courses provide a solid basis for graduate study and career opportunities in industry and K-12 education.  You will learn the theoretical concepts and applications of mathematics in the natural and social sciences.


    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics, offers programs that blend theory and practice in an innovative way, preparing students for career options in academic, corporate, health and government areas. Classes are deliberately structured to enable students who pursue a major in Mathematics or Computer Science to learn in concert with Engineering and Science majors. In this setting, the student’s appreciation of the inherent power and cohesiveness of mathematics is enhanced by the highlighted role that mathematics plays in all fields.

    Check out our concentrations below.

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    Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

    This program is designed to give the student a classical mathematics education in the liberal arts tradition in preparation for teaching secondary or elementary school. In addition to the standard topics in mathematics, a student must select an elective course in advanced mathematics, computer science, and/or statistics. 

    Check out our concentrations below.

    Find degree requirements and more in the catalog.

Concentration Areas

Computational Mathematics and Modeling

Description: This is an area where mathematics and computer science faculty work closely together.

Lead facultyArchey
Relevant coursesMTH 4270MTH 4580MRG 4550

Discrete Applied Mathematics

Description: Several of our faculty are graph theory researchers, and do work interdisciplinary with computer science and engineering.

Lead facultyKikasShawashBoats
Relevant coursesMTH 2760MTH 4600MTH 4150CSSE 3430CSSE 1720

Logic and Computation

Description: Topics can include theory and models of computation.

Lead facultyDasguptaSouldatos
Relevant coursesMTH 2760MTH 4900CSSE 4490

Mathematics Education

Description:  The department trains and prepares interested students for a career in teaching and for admission to graduate level teaching programs.

Lead faculty:  DemirIsaksen
Relevant courses:  CSSE 1710MTH 4150MED 4870

Statistical, Financial, and Actuarial Mathematics

Description: Students graduating with this concentration will have employment opportunities in financial firms, insurance companies, and many industries.

Lead facultyZhong
Relevant coursesMTH 3050MTH 4550MTH 4590

Minors in Mathematics include:


    Minor in Mathematics

    The Minor in Mathematics is designed to enable a student to pursue his/her interest in mathematics while pursuing a degree in another field.

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    Minor in Applied Mathematics

    A background in mathematics helps demonstrate a student’s ability to think critically, logically, and creatively. It also demonstrates his/her ability to find patterns, think abstractly, analyze and interpret data, solve problems, and make predictions in a variety of fields.

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    Minor in Actuarial Science

    Actuarial science is the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries.

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